Intellects Energy Ltd.

Electrical Installations

We undertake the following industrial Electrical installations:

  • We design and fabricate ladder cable-trays
  • Cable pulling in trenches and their arrangements
  • Cable pulling/arrangements on cable-trays
  • Armoured cable pulling and arrangements
  • Electrical Cable Glanding
  • Cable Terminations (As Per Drawing)
  • Electrical Pernel Installation And Connection Jobs
  • Installation And Termination Of Junction Boxes (Jb) (As Per Drawing)
  • Electrical Motor Terminations
  • Testing Of Continuity Of Cables
  • Testing And Meggering Of Cables
  • Polarity Tests
  • Installtion Of Transformers
  • Glanding Of Hv& Lv Cables And Termination
  • Glanding Of Armoured Cables And Terminations
  • Instalation Of Distribution Panels/Switch Gears And Termination
  • Earthing Jobs
  • Installation Of Transformers / Connections
  • Hv & Lv Cable Splicing/Joining With 3m Kit With Scotch Tapes Or With Rechem Kits, As Specified.
  • Installation And Connections Of Switch Gears And Panels.
  • Termination Of Cable To Generator Sets Ranging From: 11,000kva, 750kva, 600kva, 575kva, 350kva To 250kva, Etc.
  • Installation And Termination Of Armourd Cables To Generator Sets, Testing For Continuity/Earthing And Commissioning.
  • Installation And Termination Of Cables To Compresors And Turbines.
  • Instalation And Termination Of Armourd Cables.