Intellects Energy Ltd.

Intellects Energy Limited

An Engineering Serving Company

Our Services

Automation Services

We offer automation and control services for various industrial sector which include oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, Marine vessels/ships, power and energy, refining and petrochemicals, manufacturing companies and any industry using automated control systems 

Instrumentation Services

Intellects Energy ltd instrumentation services covers design, engineering, procurement, calibration, installation, pre-commissioning, commissioning and maintenance of process plants

Sales and Supplies Services

We offer procurements and sales of industrial, office and general equipment, parts and materials. Visit our online shop to buy or request a quote at

Freelance Services


Intellects offers control system troubleshooting and maintenance services through contractual process or by sending freelance personnel to client sites as external support to troubleshoot and resolve faults in various industrial sectors  

Electrical Services


Our electrical services covers design, engineering, procurement, calibration, installation, pre-commissioning, commissioning, maintenance and fabrication of control panels

Man Power Supply

On Site Calibration of Level Transmitters

We supply experience Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation Specialists for projects support 

Training Services

Intellects Energy Ltd is offering practical Instrumentation and Automation training. Click here for course details

Contractual Services

We serve as main or sub contractors for projects  implementation and management which include design, detailed engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning, maintenance and operation services  

Telecoms and HVAC Services

Intellects offers services that covers HVAC and telecommunication design, engineering, installation, commissioning and maintenance .