Intellects Energy Ltd.

Practical Electrical and Instrument Installation, Hookup, QA/QC and Pre-Commissioning

Course Objective

This 5 days course is developed for employees wishing to become E&I Fitters, pre-commissioning and Q/A QC specialists, to give hand on practical experience on instrument and electrical installation, QA/QC and pre-commissioning testing and inspections. The course is delivered using work place standard instruments, equipment, tools and control systems (PLCs and HMIs) by our highly experienced field instrumentation and controls Specialists.


  • Students should know how to read and write fluently
  • No other prerequisites for this course, Because instructor will teach everything from scratch

Who Should Attend

This course is opened to everyone who is interested in E&I construction career. Attendees must be able to write and read, and if you’re completely new to instrumentation and controls you can enroll for this course

Course Code: EICQ002

Duration: 5 days; 9 hours per day

Course Outline

Day one:

  • Definitions and Introduction to Oil and Gas Facilities Construction
  • Instrumentation and Electrical documentation
  • Construction tools safety operation and usage, protection and preservation (Practical)
  • Introduction to instruments
  • Temperature instruments
  • Pressure instruments
  • Level instruments
  • Flow instruments
  • Gas analyzers
  • Liquid analyzers
  • Control valves
  • To read and interpret E&I Diagrams
  • Location plot plan
  • Loop drawing
  • Termination drawing
  • Single line diagram
  • P&ID
  • To install Pressure and Flow instruments in Gas, Steam and Liquid Process lines
  • To install, field Instruments (Temperature & Level Transmitters/Sensors , Flame /Gas detectors, switches etc)
  • Installation of Electrical motors, electrical lighting systems, etc.
  • Cable pulling and dressing, signal cable segregation, cable length reading and documentation, cable tags, core markers, sleeves (shrinkable Tube) etc
  • Cable Glanding and Termination

Day Two:

  • Cable trays installation and bends calculations
  • Introduction to construction accessories and fittings, terminologies and tips
  • Tubing bending and installation (Practical)
  • Installation of Stanchions and JBs
  • Installation of control system cabinets and internal devices, racks, terminal blocks, I/O Cards, PLCs, current surge protectors, relays , HMI CPUs and Display Screens, etc.
  • Fabrication of E&I supports

Day Three:

  • Definitions and Introduction to Pre-commissioning
  • QA/QC and Pre-Commissioning documentation (eg ICAPS forms)
  • Test equipment/Tools handling, care and protection
  • Inspection of materials and completed installations and their documentations
  • How to operate and use E&I equipment
  • Multimeters,
  • Earth Resistance Testers,
  • Torque Wrench,
  • Hydraulic pressure pump/gauges,
  • Nitrogen bottle/regulator/gauge
  • Insulation Resistance Testers
  • Cold Loop Check and Test.
  • Introduction to the use of Hand Held field communicators such as Emerson 375 or 475 for HART and Foundation Fieldbus devices configuration and calibration

Day Four:

  • Ingress Protection Rating
  • Cables Continuity and Insulation Resistance Testing and their documentation (Practical)
  • Electrical Motors and Switchboards bolts and nut tightening using Torque wrenches and documentation.
  • Instrument Tubing Pressure/Leakage Testing, Drying and Gap Inspection (Practical and documentation)
  • Instrument and materials storage, protection and preservation

Day Five:

  • Practice and revision
  • Job Search counseling, Curriculum writing tips and restructuring of trainee CV- Bonus topic.
  • Application for online jobs by attendees
  • Copy training videos and materials for employees
  • Final Assessment
  • Issuance of certificate to attendees