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Practical Instrumentation and Control (PLC programming)

Course Objective

This 10 days course is developed to give hand on practical experience and skills on PLCs Configuration, Programming and Maintenance. Application is opened to anyone desiring to become automation and instrumentation specialist. It covers Omron CQ1MH PLC programming with CX-Programmer, Automation DirectLogic 205 PLC programming with DirectSoft5, and Instrumentation measurement and function testing


  • Students are supposed to be familiar with basic physic/mathematics and Desktop/Laptop.
  • No other prerequisites for this course, Because instructor will teach everything from scratch
Course Code: IPLC001
Duration: 8 days; 9 hours per day

Course Content

Day1: Omron CX-Programmer with CQ1MH PLC

  • CQ1MH hardware
  • Introduction to CX-Programmer software environment
  • Create a project
  • Configure hardware
  • Communication setup
  • Instructions sets and commands review
  • Ladder logic elements
  • Programming with ladder logic
  • Scan cycle
  • I/O configuration
  • Tag addressing

Day2: Omron CX-Programmer with CQ1MH PLC

  • Tag monitoring
  • PLC mode
  • Online/Offline
  • Upload from PLC
  • Download to PLC
  • Case study simulation of PLC
  • Troubleshooting of I/Os
  • Forcing

Day3: Omron CX-Programmer with CQ1MH PLC

  • Close loop programming
  • Programming of temperature, flow, level and pressure control loop
  • Student activities
  • Questions and answers

Day4: Automation DirectSoft5 with DirectLogic 205 PLC

  • PLC hardware
  • Communication setup with PLC
  • PLC cycle scan
  • Basic introduction to directlogix5 software features
  • Create new project
  • Online and offline mode
  • Instruction sets and commands
  • Ladder logic elements

Day5: Automation DirectSoft5 with DirectLogic 205 PLC

  • Upload and download
  • I/O configuration
  • Tag addressing and monitoring
  • Digital input and output
  • Analog input and output
  • DirectLogix5 advance programming

Day6: Automation DirectSoft5 with DirectLogic 205 PLC

  • Student activities
  • Level control loop program
  • Motor control loop program
  • Pressure control program
  • Flow control loop program
  • Temperature control loop program
  • Close loop control program
  • Questions and answers


Day7: Instrumentation measurement principles

  • Introduction to industrial instrumentation: field instruments, PLCs, HMIs, DCS, SCADA etc.
  • Temperature measurement
  • Pressure measurement
  • Level measurement
  • Flow measurement

Day8: Instruments and Diagrams

  • Discrete process measurement
  • Discrete control elements
  • Final Control Elements (Control valves, Motors, VFDs, Heaters etc)
  • P&ID
  • Loop Diagram
  • Flow Chart
  • Cause and Effect Diagram

Day9: Instrumentation Application Concepts and common tools

  • Pneumatic instrumentation
  • Analog electronics instrumentation
  • HART instruments protocol
  • Foundation Fieldbus instruments protocols
  • 4-20mA signal
  • 3-15psi pneumatic signal
  • Digital instrumentation
  • Emerson 475 HART/Fieldbus Communicator
  • Loop calibrator
  • Digital RTD and TC simulator
  • Handheld pressure calibrator
  • Resistance decade box and RTD simulation
  • Close and Open Loops Controls
  • Introduction to PID controls

Day10: Instrument function test on Omron CQ1MH/DirectLogic 205 PLC

  • Connect instruments to PLC I/O modules
  • Function test temperature transmitter and monitor response on PLC
  • Function test pressure transmitter and monitor response on PLC
  • Function test differential pressure transmitter and monitor response on PLC
  • Function test flow switch and monitor response on PLC
  • Function test level switch and monitor response on PLC
  • Function test pressure switch and monitor response on PLC
  • Function test control valve and monitor response on PLC
  • Function test ON/OFF valve and monitor response on PLC
  • Question and answers and monitor response on PLC
  • Force PLC I/O
  • Stroke valves from PLC

Free PLCs programming software installation

  • Guide trainees to download and install available free PLC software on their personal laptops for further practice
  • Issue certificates