Intellects Energy Ltd.

Practical Low Voltage Electrical and Process Instrumentation Commissioning

Course Objective

This 5 days course is developed to provide hand on practical experience on electrical and instrumentation commissioning, troubleshooting, loop test, function test and process plant startup. The course is delivered using work place standard instruments, calibration/function testing equipment and control systems (PLCs and HMIs) by our highly experienced certified field instrumentation and controls engineers. 


  • Students are supposed to be familiar with basic physic/mathematics
  • No other prerequisites for this course, Because instructor will teach everything from scratch

Who Should Attend

This course is opened to electrical and instrument personnel, operations and maintenance personnel and anyone who is interested in becoming electrical and instrumentation commissioning and maintenance specialists

Course Code: EIC003:

Duration: 5 days; 9 hours per day

Course Outline

     Day one:

  • Instrumentation and Electrical documentation
  • Definitions and Introduction to Commissioning
  • Test equipment/Tools handling, care and protection (Practical).
  • Commissioning Documentations (eg ICAPS forms, Loop Folders, I/O List, Alarm summary etc)
  • How to operate and use function test equipment: Emerson Rosemount 475 Communicator, Loop Calibrator, Multimeter, Temperature bath, RTD and TC simulators, Decade Resistance Box, Vennier calliper, low pressure druck manometer/pump, high pressure pump, etc (Practical

     Day Two:

  • Instrumentation tagging and labelling
  • instrumentation terminologies
  • Read and interpret instrumentation diagrams; P&ID, Loop Drawing, Single line drawing, termination drawing, location drawing, 
  • Hot Loop Check and Function Test
  • Testing and Commissioning of flow instruments
  • Testing and Commissioning of pressure instruments
  • Testing and Commissioning of Temperature instruments

      Day Three:

  • Testing and Commissioning of Level instruments
  • Testing and Commissioning of Analytic instruments
  • Testing and Commissioning of F&G instruments
  • Testing and Commissioning of Control Valves
  • Testing and Commissioning of ON/OFF Valves
  • Testing and Commissioning of Motors
  • Testing and Commissioning of Heaters
  • Testing and Commissioning of lighting circuits
  • Testing and Commissioning of low voltage electrical installations 

      Day Four:

  • Operational Test Procedure (OTP)
  • Commissioning and Start up of Electrical Equipment
  • Commissioning and Start up of Rotating Equipment
  • Commissioning and Start up of Separators
  • Site Acceptance Test (SAT), Commissioning and Start up of DCS, F&G/ESD/PSS Systems.

      Day Five:

  • Troubleshooting of  loops and control systems I/Os, PLCs and DCS
  • Introduction to analog input, analog output, digital input and digital output of PLCs
  • Simulation of signals, source, sink and contacts.
  • Practice and revision
  • Job Search counseling, Curriculum writing tips and restructuring of trainee CV- Bonus topic.
  • Application for online jobs by attendees
  • Copy training videos and materials for employees
  • Final Assessment
  • Issuance of certificate to attendees